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Video: Democratic Convention Erupts In Chaos. Hillary Booed!

Democratic Convention

Over the past six months, the Democrats have tried to paint Donald Trump as being violent and hateful. Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

This weekend, supporters for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton got into an all-out brawl at the Nevada Democratic Convention in Las Vegas. Normally what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas, but luckily videos have surfaced on the Internet showing the mayhem.

The raucous scene is a microcosm of what is happening in the Democratic Party. Sure the GOP is divided, but it is the Democrats that claim they are more civil and ready to lead.

Barbara Boxer, a Hillary supporter, asked for civility in the Democratic Party and then went on to mock the Bernie Sanders fans.

The Nevada Convention has never been a big deal, but today everyone is talking about it. The Democrats are becoming more divided and as Bernie Sanders keeps trucking along and winning states, Hillary is getting more nervous. Hillary is spending money on anti-Bernie ads in an effort to stop the Vermont Senator.

Despite having 17 candidates, the GOP field has been trimmed to one and Donald Trump is working on bringing the party together.

The opposite is happening on the Democratic side and it is a mess. Hillary still can’t put Bernie away, not to mention she is still under criminal investigation by the FBI.

The Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party are starting to panic. The walls are closing in and the natives are getting restless. Is it possible that Hillary won’t even get the nomination? Doubtful, but the Democratic Party does run the risk of dividing its base for a long time if Bernie and Hillary do not find a way to work together.


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