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VIDEO – CNN Spends Seven Minutes On One Trump Tweet

It amazes me to see how CNN is still around and making money... pathetic!

CNN’s Don Lemon is not a Donald Trump fan and often spends his time on his show discussing everything wrong about the president.

Thursday, Don Lemon to spend over seven minutes talking about one of the presidents tweets. Just one.

Lemon decided to go on a long rant about how Trump’s tweet is filled with “lies, distortions and smears” when it comes to the Mueller probe.

See the video here.

Don starts by saying that the Russian investigation is not rigged and cited the success of the charges Mueller has brought against Paul Manafort. After two years no charges have been brought against the president.

When making his points, Don doesn’t use actual facts. When discussing Trump’s corruption claim, Don says Mueller and his team are “strait arrows”. So obviously they can’t dishonest. He also said they are Republican, and apparently in Lemon’s mind that mean they can’t be corrupt.

It is sad that CNN would spend so much time discussing a single tweet when there is so much going on in the world. They blame Trump for trying to undermine the Mueller probe while at the same time CNN is constantly trying to undermine the president.

What do you think about Don Lemon taking over seven minutes to talk about a tweet? Let us know in the comments below


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