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University Of Utah Cans Professor Over Second Amendment Hate

Finally, some good news! Good wins!

An instructor at the University of Utah has been “reassigned” from the classroom, after handing out a syllabus that attacked the Second Amednment.

The instructor, a graduate assistant who has not been named, wrote that concealed carry would not be permitted in the classroom–despite University of Utah policies and state law that specifically allows guns on campus.

If students brought a concealed carry gun to class, the student would be forced to stand in a “3×3 taped square” in the back of the classroom, apparently referred to as a “Second Amendment zone.”

“This zone also does not include a desk, because desks are reserved for students who respect the personal and psychological safety of their classmates and instructor,” adds the teacher in syllabus.

“Concealed carry is protected under your Second Amendment rights,” the syllabus continues. “However, because the University of Utah reserves the right to restrict elements of the First Amendment on campus to specifically sanctioned ‘free speech zones’ I am reserving the right to restrict elements of the Second Amendment in my own classroom.”

“If you feel that it is somehow at all appropriate to bring a gun to class (hint: it is not — this is absurd, antisocial, and frightening behavior), you are restricted to spending your time in class in my ‘Second Amendment zone’ a 3×3 taped square on the floor in the very back of the classroom, that will be shared with all other gun carriers.”

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After facing backlash from the school administration, students, and even local politicians, the graduate assistant apologized–but it wasn’t enough to stay in the classroom.

The school has since said that the graduate assistant will receive additional training and will now “instead have other assignments” at the university.