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Unbelievable: Third Most Deadly Thing In America

Third most deadly

Americans are fortunate that we have progressed to where we don’t have to worry about being killed by lions or typhoid.

We live in an age of superior technology and science. We live in a world of advanced medicine… right? Not really.

In this advanced society we look to science to fix all of our problems and heal our cures, but it is actually killing us in some cases. Deaths are occurring because we don’t know how to apply the science appropriately or we make errors by not paying attention.

Right now the third most likely way to die is by medical error. It appears even Prince died due to a medical error and prescription.

We hear stories all the time about people having the wrong leg amputated or people given treatment for a disease they don’t have.

People are dying in record numbers, not because of the illness or injury, but because of a mistake made by medical personnel.

Heart disease and cancer are the top two and now medical error is the third most likely way to die.

Medical errors were officially listed as the cause of 251,454 deaths in America last year. That is more than respiratory disease, accidents, strokes, or diabetes.

The health care industry needs to be held accountable because in this day and age we should not lose 250,000 people a year to due to medical errors.


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