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TX Governor Unveils Massive GOP Expansion Strategy

Greg Abbott
"Who can't benefit from a heaping helping of Security and Prosperity?"

Greg Abbott, Republican Governor of Texas, has unveiled his plan for how Republicans can win a critical share of the votes of legal, Hispanic Americans – with honesty, respect and good policy. Especially important for Abbot, and Texas, is winning this constituency in Texas by being strong and strident on border security and the deportation of criminal aliens.

In a recent interview, Abbott was critical of the tone that Trump was using to convey the importance of his MAGA message, and immigration stance. Although Abbott is an overwhelming supporter of Trump’s immigration moves – and more – he was able to push the same policies, while winning a 44% share of the Hispanic vote in Texas.

Abbott said in a statement, “One thing that we know in Texas is that tone matters. Everybody deserves to be respected, and I think that the same goals that the president is seeking to achieve can be achieved with a tone of respect and dignity. There’s a righteousness in the cause of safety and security for our country that can be achieved by using the right tone.”

“We constantly are involved in letting the Hispanic community know that they are an essential, vital component to the future of Texas,” he added.

“As I hear the President, his articulated vision now is not to build a solid wall from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. As I hear the president talk about it, it’s the way a lot of Americans talk about it,” Abbott further added. “That is, build a wall where a wall is appropriate, and use other security mechanisms where a wall is not appropriate. But the goal is to ensure that we do have a secure border, that we protect our sovereignty, and that we control illegal immigration.”

The money that has been allotted to Abbott’s reelection campaign would be utilized in building a field operation to outreach to Hispanic communities. In addition, the goal is to build a long-term political infrastructure to remove barriers of understanding between Republican immigration policies and Hispanic communities. After all, what family wants their children to grow up in a jobless, and gang ridden ghetto? All legal Americans deserve opportunity to compete fairly (not be undercut by illegals) and live safely (not become beset by violent gangs, and drug cartels).

“Part of our job is to help others to win, and a part of that is to build an enduring Republican Party in the state of Texas. If we spent $43 million on TV advertising, that would be powerful, but it would evaporate in the second or third week of November. By building a ground game, it will be a political infrastructure that will continue on for multiple election cycles,” Abbott concluded.


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