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Tucker Carlson: Trump Administration Has Become “A Little Chaotic”

Come on Kellyanne, drop the grenade.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talked about the incident that happened with President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway on the show Wednesday and said that he thinks that the Trump administration has become “a little chaotic.”

Talking to Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, Carlson said, “Kellyanne Conway was going to be sitting in that seat earlier tonight … we had booked her, at their request by the way, we don’t often have people from the administration on but they said we wanna send over Kellyanne Conway. Great.”

“Um, and then not long before air, they cancelled it, for reasons which weren’t exactly clear. Now I think a lot of the descriptions in the press about what’s going on at the White House are false, or they’re animated by the hate the press has for Trump, which is totally real.”

“But it does seem a little chaotic over there, I have to be honest with you,” he admitted.

“Yeah,” Schlapp agreed.

“Is it as chaotic as it seems?” he asked.

“I was over there today,” Schlapp answered, “it was like, whenever you get like inside the bubble, it gets so much more tranquil. People are just like doing their jobs, nobody’s running around.”

“I think if you take a step from their daily jobs,” Schlapp continued, “this is a lot on a White House staff. I mean this is more breaking news around an administration than we’ve seen in I dunno if we’ve ever seen it before. And I think that comes with a certain amount of stress on these folks.”

Carlson, went on to talk about how no one is working on editing President Trump’s “profoundly counterproductive” statements on Twitter, or keeping him away from writing messages that could in fact damage him politically and legally.

Schlapp responded back stating that President Trump supposedly believes that he is the best spokesman, and that likes being his own voice.

If Schlapp is even very little correct, then the Trump administration has a lot to fret over, especially since the deputy attorney general just named a special counsel to administer the investigation into the possibility of collusion between Russia and President Trump and his administration.


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