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Trump Trumps: Dakota Access Pipeline Dispute Ends in a Whimper

This morning, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that resumes construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The project had been violently protested throughout the end of 2016 with many liberal celebrities taking up the cause of the Standing Rock Tribe that objects to the pipeline.

The fight had been the cause-de-jour for liberal and anarchist activists until President Obama ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to essentially shut down the project.

While Trump’s executive order alone will not resolve the issue as many regulatory hurdles at the state and federal level must be overcome, the Standing Rock Tribe has signaled that they are giving up the fight.

The evening before the signing of the executive order by Trump, tribal leaders in North Dakota met and unanimously voted to ask protesters to leave their semi-permanent camp.

The tribe felt the strain of the protesters was harming their resources and community.

Trump’s timing of his executive order on the Dakota Access Pipeline could not have been more perfectly time to benefit the completion of the project.

The video above is from September of 2016. Comment below.


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