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Trump To Move On Bump Stocks “Quickly”

Trump Meeting
That look on Jeff Sessions' face... OMG!

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump reiterated, saying that he will be signing an executive order that will ban bump stocks, which are devices that convert semi-automatic weapons to fire multiple rounds by pressing the trigger once.

President Donald Trump has been hard on legislative and the National Rifle Association (NRA) ever since the Florida High School incident that left 17 people dead. The President feels great compassion towards the families of the deceased and the survivors of the incident and held a meeting with the survivors at the White House last week to hear their views. The President also recalled a previous incident that occurred in October, leaving 59 people dead in Las Vegas Shooting. It is believed that a bump-stock device was used in the Las Vegas shooting incident.

President Donald Trump, said in a meeting at the White House, saying that, “I’m going to write that out, because we can do that with an executive order … we’ll have that done pretty quickly, they’re working on it right now, the lawyers,”.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump reported that “That process began in December and just a few moments ago I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.”

The President demonstrated efforts to increase the age limit for purchasing a firearm in 2013 but was unable to acquire the votes required by the Congress. The debate has been ongoing for a while whether minimal age for purchasing firearm should be increased to 21 with stricter background checks to ensure the firearm is handed to the right person. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said that “He knows something has to be done. It’s the most reasonable approach. It was good in 2013. It’s good now. So we’ll use it as our base and work off of it.”

The President suggested a stronger legislative towards gun control in 2013, when he urged Cornyn to increase the age limit and introduce stronger background checks to ensure communal safety. He repeatedly urged to include expanded background checks and suggested a different name for the legislative saying it could be renamed as the “U.S. background check bill or whatever.”

In his hour-long meeting on Tuesday, President Donald Trump discussed gun control measures with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to increase the minimum age limit for purchasing a firearm to 21, along with various other proposals i.e. to end the legislative to keep school ground firearm free and to equip teachers and school staff with concealed weapons.


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