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Trump Targets 3% Economic Growth

Economic Forecast
Up, Up, and Away!

President Donald Trump’s administration has forecasted a 3% growth in the coming years. Driven primarily by Trump’s massive tax reforms, and regulatory rollbacks, his advisory council has declared that compounded yearly 3% growth will supercharge economic expansion.

Although tax reforms are a large victory for long-term economic growth, infrastructure spending and a continued rollback of regulations as the size of government will be needed to keep accelerating the economy, and securing high paying jobs for American citizens.

The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) submitted a 568 page detailed analysis which showcased the economic outlook of President Trump’s administration. According to the report, the economic growth is expected to increase by three percent through 2020. It is believed that this growth will be 11 years into the latest expansion.

The chairman of the CEO, Kevin Hassett, told reporters on Thursday, “There’s so much momentum in this economy. Right now, we’re looking at an economy that’s about as solid and as good as we’ve seen since before the financial crisis.”

As per the economists, the tax law along with other factors will bolster the economy. It is said that the new reforms taken by the Trump administration will push the growth to three percent by 2020. In addition, this will also boost confidence and situation of GOP for the midterm election.

The Chief Economist at PNC Financial Services Group, Gus Faucher, stated that the group is still working to get the latest insights and forecast. However, the Chief Economist mentioned that it will increase by 3 percent this year. The prediction is an increase from a 2.7 percent estimate. This is after the fourth-quarter 2017 growth projection that were released at the end of January.

Faucher said in a statement, “With the new spending bill raising the caps on discretionary spending, the economy will get more support from the federal government. Consumer spending, business investment and homebuilding will all be positives for growth this year.”

“However, over the next couple of years growth will slow to 2 percent, as the impact from the tax cuts and greater spending will only be temporary,” Faucher added.

The current economic expansion initiated during the Obama administration. This is the third longest economic expansion in the history of the United States and could grab the second spot as well in the near future.

The Chief Economic at Moody’s Analytics, Mark Zandi, stated, “Three percent growth this year is possible, even likely, given the temporary boost to growth fueled by the deficit-financed tax cuts and government spending increases. But growth will be substantially slower by 2020, and recession risks high, as the stimulus fades and the economy tries to digest the higher interest rates resulting from the deficit-financed stimulus.”


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