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Trump Rallies Ohio Base For Big Infrastructure Push

"[Hyperbole, expressed in ALL CAPS]" - Trump

President Donald Trump has taken his infrastructure show on the road, to a rally in Ohio. To crowds of fans, he railed against the media, the outrage behavior of Democrats in Congress, and a coming plan to overhaul America’s crumbling infrastructure.

President Trump spoke to the International Union of Operating Engineers – a trade union that represents operators that manage heavy equipment. “The message that the President is going to deliver is about the economic agenda that he has put forward and how that will unleash commerce and jobs and grow the wages and opportunities for our workers,” said a senior administration official on Wednesday.

The administration official advocated for Ohio as being an excellent example of success in providing authority to local and state governments for infrastructural projects – which is a key part of the infrastructural strategy of the administration.

The Economic Advisers’ Council of the White House has produced a report that claims the rebuilding plan put forth by the Trump administration is likely to produce around 290,000 to 414,000 jobs in the infrastructural sector in a decade.

“The thing that we found is that there is an enormous amount of opportunity in the workforce area on infrastructure,” said another administration official on Wednesday.

The plan unveiled by the White House requires funding sources from the state and local governments, along with public and private partnerships, in order to accumulate a rebuilding package of 1.5 trillion dollars, out of which 200 billion dollars will be utilized for federal seed money.

“So it’s unlikely that there will be one piece of legislation that will contain all of these elements,” claimed an administration official, whilst also saying that the White House is in full support of Paul Ryan’s plan to pass multiple bills.

The Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) was also mentioned by the official, which is a waterways bill that is re-upped by the Congress every 2 years.

“We hope to get a big chunk of the plan done this year, but whatever we’re not able to get through this year we’ll take up again next year,” said the official.


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