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Trump Pushes For Procedural Change To Combat Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary City
"Do you feel bad for murdering this entire family? ...say yes, and you are free to go"

President Trump took to Twitter to push for the passage of Kate’s Law – a law to shut down sanctuary cities – and to propose changes to the Senate’s procedure. “Republicans in the Senate will NEVER win if they don’t go to a 51 vote majority NOW,” Trump wrote, speaking of the unique 60 vote threshold needed to pass anything in the Senate.

Trump continued, “[Republicans] look like fools and are just wasting time. … 8 Dems totally control the U.S. Senate. Many great Republican bills will never pass, like Kate’s Law and complete Healthcare. Get smart!”

Kate’s Law passed the House in June, and allows the courts to impose up to two year prison sentences to any, “alien who has been denied admission, excluded, deported, or removed, or who has departed the United States while an order of exclusion, deportation, or removal is outstanding, and subsequently enters, attempts to enter, crosses the border to, attempts to cross the border to, or is at any time found in the United States.”

The law would hold all illegal immigrants accountable for the crimes they commit during their time in the United States and then forcibly return the criminal illegal to their home country.

Sanctuary cities are lawless areas, where criminal foreigners are given absolutely freedom to rape, murder and destroy. Just yesterday, a criminal illegal, Sergio Jose Martinez was arrested for sexually assaulting two women and stealing a car – all after being deported 20 times.

Sergio Jose Martinez, age 31, broke into, sexually assaulting a woman, and stole her car. He then went on to sexually assault a second woman.

This crime happened because Multnomah County, Oregon refused to report Martinez to immigration officials after he was arrested and immediately released in 2016.

Multnomah County passed Sanctuary City legislation last December, ignoring the warnings from residents and from across the country. At the time the policy passed, Loretta Smith, a commissioner in the county, said she had “no idea” what the “repercussions” of their decision might be and that they are still hopeful that it was the “right thing” and “good” for the community.

“I have no idea what the repercussions are, but when you are standing for the right thing, and to do the good thing for your community, you always are on the right side of policy, and politics, as well,” Smith stated.

“We are not holding folks for ICE,” Smith added. “We don’t police for our immigration departments. We are a safety net government that’s here to help the people. We want to make sure that they know — we have their back and we are going to help them as best we can.”

Democrat officials across these towns and communities have to ask themselves – are they really willing to accept the massive human cost and suffering that Sanctuary policies bring?

While the Senate is yet to vote on Kate’s Law, President Trump is arguing that this law too important to let Democrats (and Republicans like McCain, Murkowski and Collins) obstruct.


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