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Trump to Lose the Battle for RyanCare

RyanCare, limp and lifeless, is walked off the battlefield.

Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans have had seven full years to create a plan to repeal ObamaCare and the many other regulations that have worked against American taxpayers for decades.

They failed miserably by proposing the American Health Care Act.

Worse, whether by design or negligence, Paul Ryan managed to convince Donald Trump into being the head cheerleader for legislation that has been called, “worse than ObamaCare.”

Although the plan reduces the cost of ObamaCare by $323 billion over a decade, the plan will still cost taxpayers an astounding 1.43 trillion over the same period of time.

Even worse, the AHCA (known as RyanCare) is, according to the Congressional Budget Office, expected to result in a 20% increase in insurance premiums for at least the short term.

The reality of the premium increase is likely far larger as the CBO was significantly off in the anticipated cost increases of ObamaCare.

To sum up RyanCare with the numbers that we have, the plan will “save” taxpayers $264 a year that they’ll likely never see, and it will cost the average family of four another $3,628 a year with increased insurance premiums.

No . . . freaking . . . way.

This is not what was promised to the American voter.

Thankfully, some members of the House of Representatives understand that.

Twenty-five of them to be exact.

With five vacant seats in the House, a bill needs 216 votes to pass with a simple majority and move onto the Senate.

As long as those 25 House members stay strong, RyanCare loses by at least four votes.

That’s assuming no Democrats vote for the bill – which they probably should as it keeps the basics of ObamaCare intact.


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