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Trump Leaps Ahead In Polls As Dems Popularity Collapses

Donald Trump
They say politics is nothing more than a "Popularity Contest"...

The Democrats could be in deep trouble—because President Trump’s skyrocketing approval rating is causing their polling advantage to tank.

According to a latest poll from CNN, Trump’s approval rating has jumped to 43%—the highest any CNN poll has given him in nearly a year, since shortly before he controversially fired FBI Director James Comey.

CNN’s findings join a flurry of good poll numbers for the President over the last several days, including a Fox News poll that puts Trump at 45% approval, a Rasmussen poll that puts him at 46%, a Marist poll that puts him at 42%, and a Reuters/Ipsos poll that puts him at 44%.

Trump’s improved showing among the American people is beginning to brush off on the Republican Party brand, too: new polls show the Democrats’ “generic congressional vote” polling numbers for the 2018 election to be in the toilet.

According to the RCP average of polls taken since March 20, the Democrats’ advantage is down to just 5 points over Republicans—the smallest advantage they’ve ever had since Trump was inaugurated.

While Democrats still maintain an advantage in national polling, district boundaries tend to favor Republicans—who are more geographically dispersed than Democrats, who are mostly clustered in big cities. Analysts predict that Democrats need at least a 5 point advantage in order to keep the House of Representatives competitive in 2018.

But, considering the latest avalanche of bad poll numbers for the Democrats, it appears the 2018 election could be trending back in the direction of Republicans.


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