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Trump Jerusalem Order Sparks Massive Pro-Palestine Protests

Palestinian Protesters
Why exactly is this controversial, again?

President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel led to nation-wide protests across North America, even into Canada. These protests came along the news of the assault on Zionist counter-protestors and called for ‘organized violence against Jews’, combined with stealing and putting Israeli flags on fire.

At one of such protests in Vancouver Art Gallery, an Israeli Jewish student belonging to the University of British Columbia was pushed to the ground by a middle-aged protestor, who wore a Palestinian headdress. The student was 17 years old and was reportedly quietly standing with the Israeli flag in his hands.

The student said that he had simply tried to rescue a cardboard that had resembled the likeness of an Israeli flag that was set on fire by the protesters, but while doing that he was assaulted and was called a “piece of shit” by an unidentified protester.

The cardboard flag had a red “X” on it and was set on fire with the help of a lighter within a few feet of the student, who then had been assaulted by at least 10 protesters. Who left him with “no exit strategy,” he said, telling about the unfortunate encounter.

He said that the destruction of the flag was “a lot more disturbing” than any other personal threats that were made or the physical violence that he was subjected too.

“It is shocking that this could happen in a country supposed to be all about plurality and multiculturalism,” he had said. “You don’t burn another person’s aspirations for a homeland.”

The student went on to say that his intentions to go to downtown was never to join the protests, but on the contrary, he was looking forward to a good time as he completed his final exam. The Palestinian resistance music that had been playing on the speakers had caused him to come so close to the protest.

He further told that he happened to have an Israeli flag in his bag just the night before when he was a part of the counter-protest in a huge rally just outside the gallery with a few UBC friends.

Another Israeli flag was taken from a Zionist group on Friday, as well. Then it was subjected to ridicule, as the protesters stomped on it and ripped it apart, as the footage of the event clearly shows.

Another student, who was initially holding the flag, named Jake Reznik, said that the young kids who had been sitting on their parents’ shoulders went on to shout “Nazi” and “genocider” at him during the protest.


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