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Trump Is The Last Man Standing


Ted Cruz suspended his campaign last night after losing by almost 20% points in a state that was make or break for him. Ted didn’t have much of a shot, but now has no chance to stop Trump at all.

John Kasich, who is actually behind Marco Rubio in delegates, has been hanging on and hoping for a contested convention, but today Kasich suspended his campaign too.

Since last August when 17 GOP candidates started to plead their case to the American people on why they should be president, nobody expected Donald Trump to be the last one standing.

When all 16 candidates pledged to support the GOP nominee and Trump hesitated, they criticized him. Now, will the other 16 candidates fall in line with the new presumptive nominee? Doubtful.

The ironic thing is, the left thought they knew who their candidate would be since Obama won his second term, but Hillary is still in a tough battle with Bernie Sanders, who won last night in Indiana as well.

No pundit, political insider or prognosticator thought Trump would make it this far, but he has. He is now, officially, the GOP presumptive nominee.

What does this all mean? Well, Donald is going to start attacking Hillary more and is going to use time campaigning and getting himself ready for the general election.

He needs to do some homework and really form his ideas into policies that he wants to implement.

He still has a very large un-favorability rating and is not doing well with women voters so he has some work to do. Despite everything he still has to do, the fact that he has made it this far is quite remarkable.

Trump has truly pulled off one of the greatest political upsets in recent American history. He would probably only be only second to Bernie Sanders if he could find a way to beat Hillary.

This election is far from over, but at least for the GOP side, it looks like we’ve got a nominee.


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