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Trump Going After “Dog” For Millions

It's like they turned 'The Apprentice' into a real life show!

When Omarosa Manigault Newman recorded conversations from the White House Situation Room and released details about Trump in her new book, she was probably hoping to make a lot of money. Instead, Donald Trump is going after Omarosa for “millions” for breaking a non-disclosure agreement.

Campaign lawyers for Trump filed for arbitration to make Omarosa live up to the agreement outlined in the non-disclosure she signed in 2016 when she joined the campaign.

Early on Tuesday, Trump sent at tweet calling Omarosa a “dog”, letting his true feelings known about a person who he feels betrayed him.

On Monday, Trump sent out a few tweets about the release of the private tapes and called her “wacky and deranged”.

Trump isn’t holding back, and Omarosa brought this on herself by writing a book called, Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House. What did she expect?

She has been called out for false and unfounded claims in her book.

After all of this, Omarosa might lose money on the deal and it is almost guaranteed that she won’t get a letter of recommendation from Mr. Trump in the future.

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