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Trump Does What Nancy Pelosi Wants And She Is Still Upset

Donald Trump
"Dear Nancy, let's work together.... please forgive me for being rude"

Nancy Pelosi spoke out about Jeff Sessions and Trump did exactly what she wanted, but that didn’t make the former Speaker of the House happy.

In March of last year, Nancy Pelosi wanted the Attorney General fired in order to protect Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.

She even went as far as drafing an official press-release about “Sessions’ apparent perjury.”

Wednesday, Trump did just that. Jeff Sessions resigned on Wednesday and is no longer the Attorney General and Nancy Pelosi is happy, right? Wrong. She is more upset now.

She wanted Sessions out, but now that he is gone she is still upset. Nancy even went on CNN on Thursday to discuss taking back the House and impeachment.

No matter what Trump does, it doesn’t seem it will make the possible future Speaker of the House happy.

What do you think about Nancy Pelosi changing her tone on Jeff Sessions? Let us know in the comments below.


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