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Trump campaign turns on itself after disastrous Tulsa rally

tulsa rally

President Trump’s first coronavirus rally was a poorly-attended disaster–and now, his team is already starting to turn on each other.

On Saturday, President Trump spoke to a crowd of just 6,200 in Tulsa–in a mostly empty arena with a capacity north of 19,000.

Making matters worse, Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale had overpromised attendance–telling the media that 1 million people had requested tickets, and boasting about how more than 100,000 people were expected to attend in person.

Now? It appears that Parscale may be on the chopping block.

According to a source speaking to CNN, Trump’s top advisers–daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner–are “pissed” at Parscale.

Their spokesperson has since denied the claims, calling it “false.”

But other sources say that President Trump himself is also upset with Parscale–with one campaign source admitting that Trump “has every right to be pissed.”

“They gave adversaries and media a gift,” said the campaign source. “It was overconfidence… What happened last night is representative of a much bigger problem” surrounding Parscale’s leadership.

Parscale may have one lifeline, though: he retains the loyalty of both Lara Trump, who is married to Trump’s son Eric, and Kimberley Guilfoyle, who is dating Trump’s son Don Jr. Both women work for the Trump campaign.

But even that high-profile support might not be enough to save him. Multiple sources have suggested that, while Parscale may hang onto his title, he may lose his job in practice: allegedly, President Trump is looking at giving more of Parscale’s responsibilities to other top staffers.


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