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Tough Blow For Ted Cruz… And His Wife

Ted Cruz

After Ted Cruz announced he is suspending his campaign to run for president, the Internet blew up. Unfortunately it wasn’t his words that people were responding to, it was the fact that he accidentally hit his wife in the face. Twice.

Ted Cruz ran a fantastic campaign and fought about as hard as anyone could to win. Donald Trump just proved too much of a superior competitor. Ted should be respected for his effort.

The loss was a punch to the gut for Cruz, but it was painful for those around him too.

His wife took an elbow to the face and played it off like a champ.

Ted had a heartfelt message to end his campaign, but unfortunately it is the elbow to his wife’s face that people will remember.

Ted will be back in 2020 and this video will be a harmless memory. At least he didn’t have a “Howard Dean Scream” moment.


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