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The One Thing Americans Agree On

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In our division, we are united! .... When's the next Civil War?

In a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll, Americans didn’t agree on much except for one thing.

We are a divided nation; at least that is what the people responding to the new USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll admitted. The poll showed that we don’t agree on much, but the fact that we are extremely divided is one thing that most people agree with.

Of all the people surveyed, a large majority of 78% of responders said that the country is more divided since president Trump took office.

The survey asked 1,000 registered voters by landline and cell phone calls during December 11th through the 16th.

Both parties agree that things got more divided since Trump took office, but they all are not blaming Trump. It is clear they want our leaders in Washington to stop worrying what Trump says and work on fixing the problems in our government.

One very interesting question split the two parties dramatically. 93 percent of Republicans said that Trump would be able to finish out his four-year term. 52 percent of Democrats don’t think that Trump will be allowed to complete his first term.

Overall, just 66 percent think that Trump will be able to finish out his first term.

Almost every American thinks that we are very divided nation, but nobody can agree on a way to fix it. What do you think we should do? Let us know in the comments below.


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