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The “Night Stalker” In The White House Lies About Obama’s Legacy

With all the advisers the president brought with him to the White House, only one remains a vital and influential voice in his life. Valerie Jarrett, who has been affectionately called the “Night Stalker” went on the record with 60 Minutes and lied to America.

In the rare interview of the president’s closest advisor, Valerie said a lot of things that seemed like lies, but two things really stood out.

One, she said that Obama is responsible for ending two wars. Two wars? We still have troops in Afghanistan and Obama just sent almost 5,000 more new troops to Iraq.

Also don’t forget the merciless air campaigns over Syria and the drone strikes that are happening all over the world. Just this past weekend an Al Qaeda leader was killed in Pakistan. Clearly he has not ended any wars.

The other thing she said is that the roadblocks in Washington are 100% the Republicans’ fault. She said the Obama couldn’t take any blame for the inactivity in Washington because they have invited and welcomed the Republicans time and time again.

If the Republicans don’t want to work with President Obama, then that is their decision but Jarrett maintains that her and Obama’s administration have repeatedly tried to work with the Republicans.

In watching the interview, you can see why she doesn’t do too many of these. Clearly she either lied or lives in a fantasy world, which is scarier to be honest. There are a couple of other times that she looks like she isn’t telling the truth, but there is no way to verify.

What we can verify are the above two examples. The thing is, the interview was on 60 Minutes and if you didn’t know any better, you would think that Obama was doing a great job right now if you listed to Valerie.

Millions of people tuned in and even if Valerie lied, she told the people what she wanted them to hear. She told them what would make Obama look good, and even if she is pressured by the right and has to apologize, they won’t run the apology on 60 Minutes.

Watch the whole interview here.

What do you think? Do you think the “Night Stalker” can be trusted? Let us know in the comments below.


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