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The Government Agency That Supports Trump’s Vision Is Out Of This World

Space Force
Make Space Great Again

Donald Trump doesn’t have too many fans in the media and on Capitol Hill, but one government agency is trying to go all in on Trump’s vision of America.

When Donald Trump announced his Space Force, a new division of the military that would defend America in space, many people laughed at him. One agency took him very seriously, and that is NASA.

NASA has not only accepted the challenge, but has announced some amazing plans to push humans deeper into space than ever before. Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine says that the agency is planning on having a manned presence on the moon. A reality that is possibly only ten years away.

Jim Bridenstine spoke to The Hill about the moon project and said, “Right now we’re building a space station, we call it ‘Gateway,’ that’s going to be in orbit around the moon — think of it as a reusable command module where we can have human presence in orbit around the moon. From there we want reusable landers that go back and forth to the surface of the moon. We think we can achieve this in about 10 years, the idea being prove the capability, retire the risk, prove the human physiology and then go on to Mars.”

The moon is the starting point for a lot of deeper exploration, especially to Mars. Bridenstine said, “The moon represents a proving ground, it’s the way we can reduce risk, we can prove technology, we can prove human physiology, we can develop the capabilities to utilize the resources of the moon to survive on the surface of the moon and then we take all of those capabilities and we replicate them at Mars.”

Man has not set foot on the moon since the Nixon Administration, but seems to be a necessary step to send man further into space.

Trump’s Space Force isn’t what a lot of people expected from the president, but it seems like is what American needs. NASA needs a goal to shoot for, and we need to do what America does best… be the first to do something and then push further and inspire humanity.

What do you think about the plan to be on the moon again in 10 years? Let us know in the comments below.