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The Golden Age Of Dining Is Over

Two years ago, you could choose just about any restaurant, anything on the menu and service was top notch. Now… not so much.

We’ll continue to see the effects of COVID on our society and economy for decades to come, and one area that has changed forever is dining.

All across the country, fast food restaurants are understaffed and very busy. Complaints are going viral as the staff that continues to do their jobs are are overworked and stressed.

Although many fast food restaurants are hiring, a lot of younger employees seem to be avoiding the high stress workplace.

It isn’t just fast food. The staffing problems are hitting all restaurants.

In Dallas, Texas the shortage of staff is hurting customer satisfaction.

Indiana is dealing with similar problems.

Employees are leaving the restaurant industry and many are not returning. And have not plans to return… ever.

The people that are still employed are over worked, and underpaid. Many employees that left are never coming back, and with service being worse, customers have become more irate.

You can go to YouTube and watch hours of angry customers.

Now on top of all of the issues with labor and service, the restaurant industry is facing a new challenge… supply chain failures.

Every restaurant across the country is facing different types of shortages at different times, but it is affecting every major chain.

Add up all the issues, and throw in COVID, restaurants and dining in America have some major issues to fix. Can they fix them fast enough, before America finds different ways to eat? Hopefully they can, but for now… it looks like the Golden Age of dining is over.


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