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Ted Cruz Won’t Stand With You

Ted Cruz

In New Hampshire political forums, a video clip of Ted Cruz is making the rounds that has some voters up in arms.

At a 2014 conference “In Defense of Christians” the Texas senator Ted Cruz, told the booing crowd, “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you.”

Cruz basically did a mic drop and marched off the stage before getting lynched by the crowd of Christian Middle Easterners.

Cruz’s “pro-Israel” argument is one rooted in the bible. But is it the responsibility of the American taxpayer to protect the antagonistic nation?

Ted Cruz thinks so.

From an economic standpoint, the relationship with Israel is strictly one-sided. However, apologists for support or Israel tout the security and intelligence benefits of the relationship.

Others argue that the United States defense of Israel only serves to make it a target of radical Muslim terrorists.

Cruz’s native country, Canada, takes an even harder line for Israel by banning entry from people with Palestinian names. But our Northern neighbor has provided only $300 million to aid Israel.

The United States provides an average of $3 billion a year in support to Israel; $130 billion since 1949. That’s $16,131 per person in support for the entire population of the Jewish state.

That’s significantly more money that is spent on the individual American taxpayer each year.

Ted Cruz has no issue with this significantly lop-sided relationship with Israel . . . any by his own words, if you don’t like it, he doesn’t like you.

Watch the video below:


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