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Teacher’s Union Boss Caught Undermining Kid’s Education

Unionized Teacher
Isn't that the whole reason Teacher's Unions exist? They protect mediocrity and failure, at the expense of the children...

The nation’s most powerful teachers’ union boss was overheard discussing a plan to cripple Puerto Rico’s public school system… in opposition to a new charter program.

Randi Weingarten, the heard of the American Federation of Teachers, was overheard in the first-class car of the Acela, the bullet train between Washington and New York, discussing the plan on the phone. Last month, hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico passed a new law to increase the number of charter schools and voucher programs.

Weingarten insisted that they don’t use the word “strike” in Puerto Rico—but wanted to push similar strategies to the teacher walkouts in Oklahoma and West Virginia.

“Let everyone call in for a personal day so they can’t open schools,” she said. “Let them call in for a sick day. They’re sick to death about the schools. They’re so anxiety ridden about the schools.”

In order to prevent Puerto Rico from pushing much-needed education reforms, Weingarten would rather teachers not show up at all—making students suffer.

Weingarten also discussed using “lobbyists we have” to fight on the legislative level.

Puerto Rico, ravaged by Hurricane Maria last year, has seen its public school enrollment drop by nearly 40,000, as families flee to the continental United States. Weingarten’s plan to jeopardize the education of students in order to push a far-left agenda will only help further cripple Puerto Rico as they try to rebuild.


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