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Student Kills 20 In School Shooting, Three More In Comas

School Shooter
But... liberal media told me these never happen in Europe!

Tragedy struck on a college campus as an 18-year-old gunman shot up his school and killed 20 classmates using guns and homemade bombs.

A young man walked into his Crimea college in Eastern Europe on Wednesday and started firing and exploding homemade nail bombs that left a horrific scene.

Twenty students are dead and more than 50 students were injured with 11 remaining in critical condition and three are in comas.

The attack happened at Kerch Polytechnic College and initially reported as a terror attack, but now has been classified as a mass shooting.

Vladislav Roslyakov used a shotgun and rifles to terrorize his school until he finally killed himself in the library. According to the DailyMail, it is believed that the shooter acquired the weapons with a legal hunting license that comes with a psychological exam.

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According to reports, Crimean politicians quickly blamed other political parties for the massacre, but that may not be the case. Friends of the shooter said he “hated his teachers and wanted revenge.”

The tragic scene is one that Americans are all to familiar with, and no student at any school in the world should fear being shot or blown up while trying to further their education.

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