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Strict Gun Laws Aren’t Stopping This City’s Rising Murder Rate

It's times like this i'm ESPECIALLY THANKFUL 1776 was successful!

Strict gun laws don’t automatically decrease violence and murder rates, especially in this major city.

London has some of the strictest gun laws, but that hasn’t stopped the city reaching a grave milestone. There have been more murders in London this year than all of 2017, and there are still over 40 days left in the year.

The total number of murders this year is up to 118 after there were five knife killings on the week of Halloween. So far this year there have been five to one more homicides with a knife than a gun this year.

Earlier this year the Telegraph reported that fatal stabbings rates are soaring.

The numbers don’t even take into account terrorist attacks like the one on London Bridge. 13 victims of terrorist violence are not included.

Donald Trump has even criticized the gun laws of cities like London and Paris.

Now that the elections are over in the US, and it looks like the Democrats are going to go all in on gun control, it is important to look at cities like London. Despite lower gun crimes, violence is still up. In places like London, taking away guns doesn’t solve the problems, it just makes the violent people use different weapons.

What do you think about London’s high murder rate despite strict gun laws?


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