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Something Shocking Happened Between Donald Trump And Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

Last August when Donald Trump attacked Megyn Kelly after the first debate with a vicious barrage of tweets, most pundits thought that Donald was finished and Megyn felt the bullying of many Trump supporters.

Nine months later they sit down to talk it out.

You have to hand it to Megyn Kelly. She called Donald and set up the interview, she walked right into Trump Tower and sat down with the presumptive GOP nominee.

During the interview we see two things: a different side of the presidential candidate that America hasn’t seen yet, and what a rising start Megyn Kelly really is in the world of cable news.

Watch for yourself and see what you think.

It was nice to see an interview that was respectful to Donald and it was great seeing Donald act “presidential.”

The thing this video really shows is Donald’s ability to make amends and find a peaceful outcome after nine months of arguing. Megyn hasn’t attacked Trump, but she has gone after many of his views and policies during her daily Fox News show, The Kelly File.

The interview is proof that Donald doesn’t hold grudges and maybe he can bring the GOP party together. It couldn’t come at a better time.

The GOP needs someone to unify them because the Democrats are in the beginning stages of a civil war. The super left progressive revolution of Bernie Sanders is starting to duke it out with the Hillary establishment machine. Evidence in videos taken at the Nevada Democratic Convention proves the hostility within the party.

Megyn said, “The time is right” for the interview and she is correct. This interview couldn’t come at a better time for Trump and for the GOP. It is also a good time for Megyn. She just happened to announce she is publishing a book about the Trump saga and how she stood strong and made it through. Funny how that works out.

What did you think about the interview? Was it good? Do you like Trump better now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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