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SHOCKING: Poll Finds Most Southern Republicans Support Secession

A recent poll by YouGov and BrightLine Watch asked a simple question, but the answers are quite revealing.

For the poll, broke up the country into different regions and looked at the support of regional secession by political party.

Republicans were more likely desire secession, but the liberal left coast polled higher than the national average.

The big number that stands out is the southern region.

In the south, 66% of Republicans were in favor of secession.

The poll highlights, what we already knew after the last election. The south voted with the former president, and “Trump Country” was not happy after the last election. It seems like they would be most likely to want secession.

An interesting stat is the amount of Democrats that support secession that live on the west coast.

Secession isn’t on the table, but this does show the growing divide between the two major parties in America.


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