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SHOCK VIDEO: Home Intruders Snatch Baby From Mother’s Arms

Home Intruders

In Clark County Washington a home invasion was caught on video. The horrifying incident took place when several armed men forced entry into a couple’s house and took an 11 month old baby from her mother and then proceeded to assault the mom.

The surprise is that the terrifying incident was perpetrated by the Vancouver Police Department.

The entire thing was caught on camera as the police came to the house of Ilya Petrenko after the woman’s mom called police about a domestic disturbance that turned out to be false.

The police were not allowed in the front door and proceeded to surround the house with their guns and tasers drawn.

The police then forced a window open and even after Stephanie, the wife and mother, told police that she was ok and there were no visible injuries as reported in the call, they still forced their way in.

The homeowner told them they needed a warrant but the police said that they needed no such thing.

The confrontation took a violent turn when police entered the home through the window and violently took the child from the mother and then proceeded to choke the mother until she passed out.

When she came to, she reports hearing the police talking about how they are going to cover up their actions.

The parents were arrested and even though an aunt came to take care of the child, the police sent the 11-month-old to child protective services.

The police tried to cover up the incident by taking his phone and deleting the shocking video but it was uploaded automatically to iCloud.

Here is the video of what happened.

What do you think? Do you think the police are in the wrong or are the completely justified in their actions? Let us know in the comments.


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