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Shock Video: Hero Toddler Or Idiot Parents?

hero toddler

A mom put a video online where a toddler “saves” his brother and is called a hero, but every hero needs a villain.

Kayli Shoff posted a video on Youtube that shows two toddler boys playing, un-supervised, on a dresser. They were climbing in fact. Watch for yourself.

The video has gone viral and many media outlets like Mashable, Newsmax and countless others.

The little boy did help his brother escape, but it wasn’t due to any super human strength, the brother should be praised for helping his twin, but there is something wrong here.

Where were the parents?

How could a cabinet fall and go completely un-noticed? Why didn’t that little boy get help immediately? If the drawers hadn’t fallen in a way that propped the dresser open, the entire situation could have been much worse.

Despite the bad parenting, people are praising the parents for raising a hero.

Ikea, the company that made the dresser has also contacted the family and is going to give the family something for their “faulty” furniture.

The parents are getting national attention for basically making a huge parenting mistake.

“We just want to spread awareness to this one accident that happened and hope it doesn’t happen to any other families,” Shoff told Salt Lake City’s KSL.

The best way to make sure that this doesn’t happen to other families is to make sure the toddlers have constant supervision.

If you can’t keep an eye on them because you have to take a shower or something, put them in a more secure space or actually watch the video feed from the room.


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