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Senator Jumps On Vegas Tragedy To Push… Universal Background Checks?

Richard Blumenthal
Never let a good tragedy go to waste eh? Has the blood even dried yet?

Democratic Senator, Richard Blumenthal was the first Senate Democrat to come out and use the carnage of the Las Vegas Massacre as a prop to push the disarming of citizens.  Blumenthal said that blaming the shooting on anything but lax background checks was, “absurd.”

Senator Blumenthal called for immediate action, “Enough of the evasions that it’s not time yet, that it won’t deal with that problem, that the background check proposal wouldn’t have stopped the killer in Las Vegas. That argument is absurd.”

He continued, “We must take steps to stop gun violence and we know background checks will do it. Closing that loophole for the gun shows is absolutely essential.”

Blumenthal also argued for the closing of the so-called “gun show loophole.” This supposed loophole in gun background check laws was created by the Brandy bill, which states that the private party sellers would not be required to perform the background checks on the buyers, be it on a gun show or anywhere else. However, the vast majority of these private sales of such sort do not occur at gun shows.

In discussing the supposed evils of the non-existent “gun show loophole” Blumenthal misattributed another shooting to supposed weak background checks. He discussing the case of Dylan Roof, the gunman who shot and killed nine parishioners in a Charleston church on June 2015.

Blumenthal said, “[Dylan Roof] walked out of the gun show with that weapon he used to kill innocent people under existing law because of a loophole that says the purchaser can walk away with a gun after 72 hours if the background check is incomplete. That is absurd.”

Roof’s case did not in fact involve any gun shows. A background check that was initiated when Roof went to purchase a pistol from a local S.C. dealer, but he was not able to purchase the weapon immediately as a result of a recent arrest. Under federal law, the FBI has at least three business days to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to deny a purchase. Ultimately, the investigation could not be completed in the required time of three days.

Blumenthal finished his speech by calling to “mobilize the 90% of the American people that want to make America safer,” and by attacking the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a shadowy organization bent on the destruction of America. “Let’s face it, the reasons we don’t have gun safety measures in the United States today is because of the NRA. And we will defeat them. They are already losing their grip,” Blumenthal speculated.


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