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Senate Candidate Encourages U.S. Citizens to Protest Against Hamas Terrorism

U.S. Senate Candidate and American Human Rights CEO, Khaled Salem today announced that supports a worldwide protest against Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists in response to the unending, brutal treatment of Jewish people around the globe. Since the 11-day conflict between Israel and Gaza, anti-Semitic attacks have profoundly increased, especially in the U.S.

“I believe that to Hamas, the West Bank settlements are not the obstacles to peace,” said Salem. “Instead, Hamas sees Tel Aviv and its four million Jews as the obstacle. I am extremely concerned that Hamas will divert a substantial portion of the $75 million dollars of American aid money, while terrorists hide among civilian infrastructure, includingin schools, hospitals and residences. Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists continue to utilize the strategy of entrenching their militants where any exchange of artillery or bombs will harm their fellow Gaza residents if Israel fires back. The terrorists use civilians as human shields, which is a humanitarian war crime.”

As a dual Egyptian-American citizen, Salem has a uniquely clear view of Middle East issues. He is dedicated to informing Americans and the world-at-large of terrorist action against the State of Israel. Continued support of Gaza from Iran and Arab countries against Israel will have a domino effect on western civilization if sponsored terrorists continue launching missiles.

In Salem’s view, a big part of the problem is that the U.S. treats Hamas as an equal to Israel inwanting “both sides to be safe.” Rather, as Salem explained, “The world must understand that tens of millions of dollars in humanitarian supplies sent to Gaza have been hijacked for the evil purposes of building a terrorist military infrastructure.”

Hamas and its partner terrorist groups are diverting cement, steel and rebar meant for building hospitals and schools. Instead of Palestinians protecting monies to heal and educate its women and children, Iranian-sponsored terrorist technology is smuggled into Gaza for use by Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah for long-range missiles and other weapons. Salem added, “Every day the terrorists build deadly, illegal underground tunnels where terrorists train for battle and hide deadly missiles aimed straight at Tel Aviv.”

Salem asked that U.S. citizens, President Joseph Biden, the UN and NATO understand that these humanitarian supplies worth millions of dollars donated directly to Gaza by the US and Israel are turned into weapons, not hospitals.” As he put it,”Terrorists are actually using these donated Israeli supplies to prepare for their annihilation of Israel. This is all too clear, and it has to stop now.”


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