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School Sends Christian Student To The principal–For Wearing Rosary


If you don’t think there’s a liberal war on Christianity, think again: Tibetts Middle School in Farmington, New Mexico, sent an 8th grader to the principal’s office for “inappropriate attire.”

But Latanyia Clah, the student in question, wasn’t violating the dress code with something like a short skirt or flip flops: she was wearing a rosary.

A rosary–you know, that incredibly important religious symbol?

School officials at Tibetts Middle School were having none of it.

Apparently, rosaries like the ones Latanyia was wearing are, in their mind, considered gang accessories. Because sometimes gang members wear rosaries, or something.

“The dress code is more, ‘what is appropriate or inappropriate,’ and we have come to the consensus that it is inappropriate,” said Assistant Superintendent Frank Stimac, completely unapologetically. “…If [the school official felt] like something is causing an uproar, whatever that may be, you have the right to step in and address that.”

A teenage girl’s rosary “caused an uproar” and was a safety concern. Really, Tibetts Middle School? Really?

Latanyia and her family were just as baffled by the situation as we are: since when does displaying Christian faith in a tasteful, non-disruptive way mean Latanyia is in a gang?!


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