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School District Releases Raunchy “Feminist” Dress Code

Dress Code
"Alrighty, time to get dressed for school" - Parents of California Children

A school district in California has rewritten their dress code to be more “feminist.”

The Alameda School District addressed “concerns” about the former dress code, which was “resulting in embarrassment and shame for students” and creating “long-term issues with body image.”

Now, students can wear anything they want.

Literally. Anything they want.

The new dress code states that students must wear bottoms, tops, and shoes—but other than that, the only requirement is “clothing that covers genitals, buttocks, and areolae/nipples with opaque material.”

The school also made it clear that “hate speech” and violent or pornographic images would not still not be tolerated—though, in the past, that has been used to justify forcing children to change out of pro-Trump or pro-Second Amendment clothing.

It remains to be seen how literally students will take the dress code—if small children will start arriving on campus in pasties, underwear, and a smile—but one thing is clear: California continues to go further and further to the left.


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