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Sanders And Trump Share The Same Campaign Killing Problem


You have to just love political party manipulation.

Since the founding of the nation, political parties have meddled with the process of elections to ensure the ruling elite got what they wanted.

Hard to believe for some but the problem was brought to light through the words of our first Commander In Chief. In his farewell address, George Washington warned the people of the “baneful effects of the spirit of the party.”

Now were seeing the reason behind the warning.

While Bernie Sanders beat the suit pants off of Hillary in New Hampshire, they are walking out of the state with the same number of delegates supporting them.

For those not familiar with a convention, all of this voting happening right now does not lock in the party’s presidential nominee. All it does is lock in pledges from delegates to vote for the selected candidate on the first round of voting at the convention.

So even if a candidate for either party’s nomination wins the popular vote in every single state, they can still lose in convention.


To protect the establishment rulers of both parties, they created people called “Super Delegates” who can do whatever they want. They can support Hillary or Mickey Mouse on the first vote. It doesn’t matter.

In New Hampshire, Hillary secured the support of the state party’s super delegates, turning the “Sandstorm” in the Live Free or Die State into a parking lot dust up.

Hillary used party tricks to beat back the will of the people.

That same trick will be used against Donald Trump.

Trump, who is poised to win the popular vote in the remaining primary states, will not be able to secure 50% +1 of the delegates who will attend the GOP convention and still win.

The billionaire will have to walk in with 57% +1 support as Republican Super Delegates account for 7% of the vote. Given that Trump is about as outside of the GOP establishment as you can get, he’ll have a tough time securing support from Super Delegates and you shouldn’t not bet on GOP insiders to do the right thing and nominate the choice of American voters.

If both the DNC and RNC don’t get their acts together and use convention rules to beat the rightful candidate, both parties may be relegated to the dustbin of history.


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