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San Francisco Is A War Zone

For the last three days, packs of people armed with sledgehammers have stormed into high fashion stores, terrorized employees and stolen thousands of dollars in goods.

Clothes and other items have been stolen from countless stores in the malls as part of this seemingly organized attack on the merchants of San Francisco.

Thieves have broken into drug stores and stolen from the pharmacy.

Clothing stores are being robbed. See the video.

Citizens are having their phones snatched out of their hands in the street.

Crime is out of control in San Francisco and there isn’t a lot happening to solve it.

Even the press, covering crime at a press conference in San Francisco had their gear stolen.

Things are bad, but what can be done?

Well… arguably the most powerful woman in the United States is their congresswoman. Nancy Pelosi is out trying to push Biden’s agenda while her constituents are terrorized daily.

It would be nice if we had leaders that lead by example. Will Pelosi’s leadership lead us down the same road as San Francisco?


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