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Russian Shows Off New Hi-Tech Robot On State TV, Then This Happened

Beep Boop!

The new robot “Boris” went on Russian TV and showed off it’s dancing skills and advanced android technology, but journalists found something wrong with the technological wonder.

Russia’s advance robot that went on TV to show off it’s skills turned out to be just a man in a suit and a big hoax.

After “Robot Boris” was paised by the Russian media and put on display during demonstration, some Russians were not convinced. Journalists started questioning the ability of the robot when they didn’t see enough “external sensors” and noticed that the robot could easily fit a human inside.

Aside from being able to dance really well with no sensors, photos that were posted on social media show a very visible human being inside. See one picture posted to Twitter below.

The website for the company responsible for the robot shed some more light into the mystery saying, “an almost complete illusion that you have a real robot.”

In the video below, you can see the robot dancing, but it is a lot less impressive when you fid out it is just a bad dancer in a robot suit.

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