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Romney Knocks Down Evander Holyfield–And Liberal Media


Former Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, went into the ring with boxer Evander Holyfield–and it looks like Romney still knows how to throw a punch.

Holyfield, a former heavyweight champion, fought Romney in a charity boxing match to raise money for Charity Vision, a group that fights blindness around the world.

While Romney called it quits after two rounds, he did quite well in the ring, artfully dodging punches and even knocking down Holyfield once.

But Romney’s best fighting words came not for Holyfield, but for the liberal media after the fight.

To the audience, Romney jokingly said: “Fighting Evander Holyfield was a little bit like fighting the New York Times–except Evander doesn’t hit below the below.”

And he says he told Holyfield, “Please, Champ, don’t beat my brains out, because if you did, I’d have to become a Democrat.”

Romney’s jokes received a lot of laughter and big cheers from the audience–and it’s nice to see Romney having fun, especially for a good cause.


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