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RNC Destroys Democrats With New Ad

“What do you stand for?”

That’s the withering question a new ad from the Republican National Committee asks of Democrats.

On Monday, the RNC released a new ad, simply called, “Democrats: What do you stand for?”

The ad depicts scenes from President Trump’s State of the Union address last week, showing Democrats refusing to stand, applaud, or even smile as President Trump spoke about a variety of American values.

The ad opens with Trump saying, “We proud stand for the National Anthem” in his speech–and shows Republicans standing as Democrats sit angrily.

Trump then talks about how his Administration has reformed healthcare for veterans–and, again, more Republicans standing and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi chews her cheek.

The ad also shows Trump listing a variety of other issues–record-low minority unemployment, the national motto (“In God We Trust”), and tax reform–all while Democrats sit with their arms folded.

Democrats have seen their lead in generic polling for the 2018 election slip substantially over the past month–and much of the loss has been that, while Republicans can run on a strong economy and the impacts of tax reform, Democrats have yet to articulate an issue besides being anti-Trump.

The RNC ad only makes that problem worse for Democrats.


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