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Republican Wins Huge Election In Texas – Holds Off Blue Wave

Texas Election
Texas holds strong!

Retired game warden, Pete Flores did something that hasn’t been done in 139 years and held of the Democrat’s blue wave.

Political newcomer Pete Flores won a seat in the Texas Senate on Tuesday when he beat U.S. representative Pete Gallego in a special election for the Senate District 19.

Flores had a lot of support from some of Texas’ most prominent Republicans including Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. Even Governor Greg Abbott jumped on the Flores train.

The win is a big one for Flores and Republicans. The Democrats are expecting a big blue wave in November that catapults them to majority in the House of Representatives sand possibly the Senate. Winning back the House is the goal of all Democrats so they can have a chance to try and stop or impeach Donald Trump.

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After Tuesday’s special election, is that wave a real thing? After all, the Republicans won a seat that has been occupied by a Democrat for the last 139 years. Townhall published an article wondering if the blue wave is receding.

The retired game warden won a big election and now is giving hope to Republicans everywhere. If Flores can win a seat in an area that Hillary won by 12 and has been occupied for 139 years by a Democrat, then there is a good chance that blue wave may never come.

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