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Racist Left Attacks Kanye West Over Trump Admiration

Liberal Rage
"He's not allowed to 'break the conditioning'" "QUCK! Someone stop him!"

Kanye West may be a little off.

For one, he dresses like a very comfortable homeless man laden in grubby sweats on a constant basis.

Second, he’s part of the madness of the Kardashian world.

But there’s no mistaking that Kanye West is honest, at times, embarrassingly so like when he begged Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars of pocket change.

The artist’s latest tweets have erupted the outrage of progressives.

Here are just a few:

Kanye’s latest tweet is sure to set things ablaze even more:

Kanye West has always been a fan of Donald Trump and many recall his odd visit to Trump Tower during the presidential transition.

The Black Community was quick to jump in with criticism as they demand that all black men be toe-lining democrats.

Here’s a bit of reaction:

There are thousands of similar tweets that dig in at Kanye for expressing his love and respect for Trump.

And President Trump took notice and acknowledge the praise by responding on his own twitter feed:

And with all of the attention, of course ratings hungry Stephen Colbert had to throw his hat into the ring last night:

Now when a celebrity expresses support for a president, it’s typically not much of a story.

But when a black celebrity expresses support for Donald Trump . . . it’s a national crisis.

Stereotype much?

Is the liberal response racist? Comment below.


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