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Privacy Is Something “Freedom” Doesn’t Allow!


The same scientists who can’t definitively tell us who built the pyramids and if Pluto is a planet or not work tirelessly to create ways to make sure police know everything about you.

Computer scientists have created a new system that connects to around 30 million cameras around the United States that can be viewed at any time.

The new system allows cops to tap into any camera they want that is connected to the Internet without a password. They can use the cameras to see where crimes are happening or where a witness is and then call for backup.

Privacy advocates are worried because there is no type of warrant the police need to use the cameras. They can use them even to find crimes too.

The science of spying doesn’t stop there. A new spy drone has been created and it is smaller than you might think.

Students at Harvard have created a very small drone. In fact it can fit on your fingertip and it was inspired by a bee.

The very tiny drone can have a camera and microphone on it and it flies around like a bug so it’s not easily detected. The tiny drone can fly around and find a target and then use an adhesive it has to stick to the target.

Imagine the President stepping out of his car and someone flies one of these little drones inside the car and attaches it under the seat. Then when the President returns to the car, the tiny drone will be able to see and hear what is said, plus the tracking device lets the user know exactly where the limo goes.

Between any camera being used against us by local authorities or a miniaturized spy drone that is amazingly sneaky, the future of privacy looks bleak.

What do you think? Are all these “cool” gadgets and software making us safer but with less privacy? Let us know in the comments.