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Presidential Alert Coming To A Phone Near You

Donald Trump
"Hey, Mikey... this is President Trump. I'm just calling to say you're doing a FANTASTIC job..." *Dials next number*

Don’t be alarmed Wednesday, but expect an alert to go off on your phone as FEMA tests out the first ever-presidential alert.

At 2:18pm ET, over 220 million wireless devices will be sent an alert to test out a new system that is designed to warn the public of a major disaster or national emergencies.

The presidential alert can only be issued by the White House and cannot contain any non-emergency information. You will still need to go to Twitter to get Trump’s opinions.

The alert system is similar to the Amber Alert, but unlike the notification of missing children, the Presidential Alert cannot be turned off and you cannot opt-out. According to FEMA, about 75% of the mobile devices in America will get the test Wednesday at 2:18.

Having the Presidential Alert capabilities will give the White House the ability to reach the masses very quickly with information that could save lives.

Do you think the Presidential Alert is a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.


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