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Portland City Hall Rushed By Protestors, Guard Injured

Riot Police
Protesters 1: Guards 0

Protests in Portland got violent again when bandanna-wearing protestors stormed City Hall and left one security guard badly beaten Wednesday.

People started to gather around City Hall early Wednesday. Many were upset at the way the police handled the ICE protests last weekend where several were injured as police tried to control the crowd.

While attempting to protest against police brutality, several members of the protest were recorded getting violent with city officials and even one security guard was beaten with a megaphone.

See the graphic video here.

One protester that was allegedly injured during Saturday’s protest was back at it again on Wednesday. “I should be home recovering from the pain and trauma I’m suffering. But I’m also suffering from complete outrage and powerlessness,” said Michelle Fawcett.

Fawcett was one of four people that were hospitalized due to police action to stop the weekend’s protests.

Here is a video showing some of the violence from Saturdays protest.

With the most recent altercation at City Hall, it doesn’t look like protests are going to be ending any time soon.

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