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Poll shows Americans blame China, not Trump, for coronavirus

blame china

The liberal left is trying to blame the coronavirus pandemic on President Trump.

It’s not working.

According to a new poll, a whopping 77 percent of Americans blame China for causing the crisis. That includes a big majority of Democrats, at 67 percent.

What’s more, the vast majority of Americans also want to see China punished for their role in the catastrophe:

71 percent of Americans think that American businesses should pull back on manufacturing in China, and another 69 percent now support Trump’s hard-line trade policies with China.

The coronavirus was first discovered in Wuhan, China, in mid-November 2019. It took the Chinese communist government more than two months to take action. Studies show that, had China just acted a couple weeks earlier, a global pandemic would’ve been avoided.

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Instead, China worked to cover up the crisis… and, even as America got its first cases, refused to cooperate with requests from American scientists trying to cure the disease.

In fact, China’s actions were so egregious that even the reliably-liberal Washington Post is calling for China to be held legally liable in international court.

“China must be held to account for its lies and obstruction. U.S. health-care workers and business owners recently filed the first lawsuits against the Chinese Communist Party for its complicity in this pandemic. Congress should help them and others by lifting China’s statutorily granted sovereign immunity and allowing the individuals and businesses harmed by China’s actions to sue Beijing for damages,” the Post reports.

The Post adds: “Because of Beijing’s lies, we are now in the midst of a pandemic 9/11. The victims should have a right to sue China for these damages.”