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Political Veterans: Trump White House Is Like Nothing Before

Trump Administration
So, it's basically the wild wild west in the West Wing?

Ever since Trump won the election back in 2016, the White House has been consumed by multiple controversies that have forced the administration on the defensive at a time when Republicans are increasingly worried about their electoral prospects.

As of now, Republicans want to be spending more time on the tax cut bill and the economy of the GOP between now and Election Day. However, these efforts will go in vain if similar complications keep on piling up the controversies in the White House.

According to the former adviser of the White House, the person stated, “Every day they are working on another crisis is another day lost for pushing their agenda. At the same time, they’ve been doing this since day one, so it’s not too unusual that they are engulfed in another crisis.”

Republicans are becoming frustrated with the chaotic situations within the White House as they are more determined towards making the majorities in House and Senate before November i.e. the midterm elections.

Another former senior adviser to former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Michael Steel, said in a statement, “Donald Trump was a ‘chaos candidate’ and his presidency is no less chaotic — but other Republicans have learned to tune out the noise and focus on the American peoples’ priorities. That’s why we have seen progress on big issues like tax reform, despite the daily distractions from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

People close to the White House and who have previously worked at the White House believe that the staff is used to working under serious pressure. Whether they are handling one or more than one controversies, it is usual business only.

One GOP operative who has close ties to the White House said, “If you don’t have the stomach to work inside the eye of the hurricane, then you don’t have what it takes to work in this White House. Anyone who has been there for any length of time is used to doing this nonstop and knows how to work under pressure and get their job done.”

Trump allies are under the impression that the anger and turmoil in Washington do not cut through to most Americans.

Another GOP lobbyist said, “A lot of this isn’t normal, but America didn’t vote for normal because they had normal for the last 16 years and it sucked.”

Regardless, Republicans are not content with the controversies within the White House and believe that they might hurt their campaign ahead of the midterm elections in November.

The White House adviser stated, “Every day where they have another crisis, they’re not promoting what they have done.”


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