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Pistol Whipped: Tennessee Couple Learns Hard Lesson on Gun Control

gun control

On the heels of Obama’s executive action on gun control, a couple in Antioch, Tennessee had their home invaded by two black men at 12:30 am on Friday morning.

Present in the home was a six year-old girl.

Hearing a disturbance downstairs, the father of the home investigated only to be brutally pistol-whipped by the armed intruders.

The mother followed suit and was met with similar violence.

The thugs went on to take their time in robbing and ransacking the home.

President Obama measures on gun control only impact legal gun owners. Criminals who use firearms to commit crimes are unaffected by the new measures.

As the victims in Tennessee found, gun control does little to stop crime.

Law enforcement officers were unable to respond to the scene of the violence until after the two suspects had fled the scene.

They remain at large.


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