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Pervy Democrat Caught Frequenting Women’s Restroom

IDK about you, but THIS is why I have a concealed carry license...

He should’ve just identified as a woman.

Democratic State Sen. Daniel Kagan of Colorado announced that he’d resign after multiple women accused him of barging into the women’s restroom.

Kagan will leave the State Senate on January 11, after Democrats take the majority they won in the November elections.

“It’s been a great honor to serve the people of Colorado for just short of a decade,” Kagan said, in a statement. “An important obligation of leaders, I believe, is to be open to acknowledging that it’s time to pass the torch to new leadership and, for me, that time is now.”

But far from simply “passing a torch,” Kagan’s resignation comes under a wave of complaints.

Most notably, Kagan’s colleague–Republican State Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik–filed a workplace sexual harassment complaint against Kagain in March.

She said that many women have told her similar stories: that Kagan was perving on women in the restroom.

Kagan claimed that he entered the women’s restroom only once, by mistake, which caused the State Senate to update their restroom signage.

Martinez Humenik, however, wasn’t pleased that Kagan was resigning… because all she ever wanted him to do was apologize to the women he harassed.

“I asked for a public apology to all involved, not a resignation,” she told the media. “We are still waiting on his apology.”