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Outspoken Trump Supporter Is Unfollowed By President After Comments

Is Trump in the right on this one?

Anne Coulter is one of the most vocal voices on the right and has even written a positive book about Trump, but after her latest comments, Trump doesn’t follow the political commentator anymore.

Anne Coulter is not the most loved woman on the planet, but many on the right love her tough talking and ongoing support of Trump. She even wrote a book called, “In Trump We Trust”, but might not be the case anymore.

Coulter asked in a podcast with the Daily Caller why anyone would vote for Trump again? She said that the presidency is “a joke” and that when all is said and done he will leave “no legacy whatsoever.”

It may have had something to do with a new post to the Coulter website too.

When Trump caught wind of the comments, it looks like he unfollowed Coulter on Twitter. A bot discovered the move.

The president only follows 45 people on Twitter, so the dropping of Coulter was easily noticed.

It isn’t a good sign that Trump is losing the support of Coulter and without any real action on the border, more hardened Trump supporters may start shifting their feelings for the president.

What do you think about Trump unfollowing Coulter? Let us know in the comments below.


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